Explore how to design and create custom Paschal Candles for your congregation.

The Meaning of the Paschal Candle

What a paschal candle is and how to find one that fits your congregation.


How to Design and Carve a Candle

All the details you need to design and create your own paschal candle.


Gallery of Custom Carved Candles

View the work of others and be inspired for your own creation.


Resources about Church Candles

Information about caring for candles and what to do with used candles.


External Links for More Resources

Find out who makes candles, where to buy candles, and more.

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This site is all about the liturgical art of carving paschal candles, and dedicated to the Glory of God. We hope and pray that it may inspire and empower you to praise God by creating a candle that would be meaningful for you and your congregation. This information is given free because we love the art and want to share it with others. Anything on this site is free for non-profit use, but credit to the site and respective authors should be given when appropriate.

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